Fix Your Drink is for people who just can’t seem to get their favorite cocktail made correctly. Use FYD recipe cards at your favorite restaurant/bar: give one to your waitperson when you order so they’ll fix your drink right. Or, at your own cocktail party when friends say “how do I fix that?”, give them FYD cards… no muss, no fuss, no mediocre cocktail drudgery. Order a set now!

The FYD Collection: Our Top 10 Cocktails

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Our first FYD collection contains 20 cards (our Top 10 drinks, 2 cards each) to begin your cocktail explorations at home. FYD cards feature a photo on the front and the recipe for one perfectly crafted cocktail on the back, and available for purchase directly from us.

When you’ve mastered your favorites at home, bring the card with you to your favorite establishment (or friend’s house)… so when you order that Negroni, Sidecar, or Aviation, you’ll be confident that they’ll fix your drink properly.

This collection is the result of extensive research of cocktail culture by its creators, Katherine & Hugh McNally… we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We congratulate you for helping educate the suburban palate–one drink at a time.