The Cocktails of Summer

Moscow Mule in traditional copper mug

Moscow Mule in traditional copper mug (via rightbraining@flickr)

As summer comes to a close, we have been pondering our summer cocktail memories and the two that stand out the most are the Moscow Mule, such a cool snappy refresher when it’s hot out, and Katherine has been smitten with the St. Germain Cocktail, also tall, cool and delicately aromatic. Plus add champagne to anything and she’s on board!

So what have been your favorites? Any new discoveries? Let us know!


Mad Men Returns, FYD Premieres

Meetup Event: Vintage Cocktails and Tapas to Celebrate the Season Premiere of Mad Men

Fix Your Drink and Seasonal Bounty will be at Barcelona/Fairfield on 3/25

Fix Your Drink and Seasonal Bounty will be at Barcelona/Fairfield on 3/25. Click the image for details and to RSVP.

We’ll admit–much of the current renaissance of cocktail culture has been fueled by the cultish popularity of those lovable, hard drinking characters on Mad Men.  We just try to add some 21st-century flair to Don Draper’s approach of “Pour Scotch, ice optional,” and play down the “don’t let me see the bottom of this glass” component.

To celebrate the long-awaited return of the show, our friend Nina Sutton has created an event with her Seasonal Regional Cooking & Dining group to help celebrate the event, and we’re going to be part of it!  It’s taking place at Barcelona in Fairfield, CT on 3/25 between 6-8p (enough time to get home and watch the show!).

Space is limited and RSVP’ing through Meetup is required. Click the link below to reserve your spot:

Meetup Event: Vintage Cocktails and Tapas to Celebrate the Season Premiere of Mad Men

The event is $20, and includes tapas and half-price wine.  We’ll be featuring some Mad Men era cocktails, too… please keep in mind that it’s a cash bar.

We’re really looking forward to seeing the “Seasonal” group regulars… and we hope you can join us, too.


Meet Fix Your Drink in person March 27!

Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport

Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport

We’re happy to announce that the great folks at Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport have invited us to be a part of their Cordials and Cocktails Tasting Event on Tuesday, March 27, between 6-9p.  Come meet us, and see what FYD cards look like in person!

We encourage you to RSVP and invite your friends to this by visiting the event Facebook page here.

Truth be told, we simply walked into the SG&G store, saw what they offered, and talked to the staff.  They immediately invited us to be part of the event.  We thank them for this kindness, and their enthusiasm about FYD cards.

Hope to see you next Tuesday!  And… as always… you can buy yourself a FYD set on our order page.


Press release: Fix Your Drink Launch

Fix Your Drink Launch: Press Release

Fix Your Drink Launch: Press Release (click above for PDF)

Fix Your Drink Launch Press Release (PDF format)


Katherine and Hugh McNally, owners, Fix Your Drink
203-364-4844 [contact link]

Entrepreneurial Couple Announces “Fix Your Drink” Cocktail Recipe Cards

Bridgeport, CT (Feb. 21, 2011) – Hugh & Katherine McNally have launched a new business called Fix Your Drink.  They offer collections of cocktail recipe cards, with pictures, meant to simplify ordering drinks at restaurants, allowing people to engage in contemporary cocktail culture.  These cards are designed to be given to waitstaff when ordering out-of-the-ordinary and classic cocktails to guarantee the accuracy of their preparation.

Fix Your Drink cards are also meant to be shared with friends at dinner parties and other social events to add variety to the typical drink choices in the home.  As Mrs. McNally puts it, “Our friends are surprised at how fun it is to make elegant drinks, rather than be limited to the old ‘red, white, or beer’ choices.”  The McNallys also intend Fix Your Drink collections to be purchased as party gifts, wedding favors, or stocking stuffers.

The Fix Your Drink flagship product, the Top 10 Classic collection, consists of a set of 20 business cards (2 copies for each featured drink), contained in a convenient sliding-top aluminum case.  According to Mr. McNally, “We designed the product to make it easy for people to use in a restaurant. Giving a Fix Your Drink card to a waiter is a lot easier than dictating a recipe or bringing up a web page on a smartphone.”  Fix Your Drink is also selling collections of 20 cards for a single cocktail—the Your Favorite collection—for those who already know what they like.

The McNallys have spent the past 2 years researching and gathering perfect recipes for classic cocktails, and have chosen 10 to comprise their first Fix Your Drink product.  Most of the cocktails date to the pre-World War II era, and are frequently featured in media covering cocktail culture.  They include The Allen Cocktail, Aviation, Bronx Cocktail, Jasmine, Martinez, Moscow Mule, Negroni, Pegu Club, Sidecar, and The Three Miller.

With the renaissance of classic cocktail culture fueled by the popularity of television shows such as Mad Men and The Rachel Maddow Show, the McNallys felt that many were getting left out of a pop culture trend.  Says Mrs. McNally, “The New York Times, Esquire, and might think everyone knows about the Negroni, but I assure you that even better restaurants in affluent suburbia don’t.  Our slogan is, ‘Where cocktails get respect’ because we felt we weren’t getting respect when ordering anything other than a Martini.”

Fix Your Drink card collections are available for immediate purchase through its web site,  The price for the Top 10 Classic and Your Favorite collections are $15 each before shipping/handling; each includes 20 recipe cards and an aluminum slide-top carrying case.  Mrs. McNally adds, “We made the cards elegant like the drinks themselves, but affordable enough to easily replace—people don’t have to worry about handing their iPhone over to a waitress just to show her a recipe.”  Refill packs of Fix Your Drink cards (without the carrying case) will be available in the near future.