FYD Drink Matrix

FYD Drink Matrix: click to view

We’ve found that many people are intimidated by the realm of cocktails because there are so many different ingredients and spirits out there.  We’ve tried to make it easy with our Top 10 Collection, but it might still seem daunting.

To that end, we’ve assembled a handy-dandy drink matrix for your shopping pleasure.  It includes the cocktails, and their constituent ingredients, both alcoholic and dry.   Just click on the picture above, or download one of these files:

Where do I get this stuff?

While most of the spirits are easily available at any decent liquor store, one or two of the Top 10 collection involve slightly exotic–though not prohibitively costly–ingredients.  If you’re feeling adventurous and want to buy some crème de violette or Maraschino liqueur, we’ve assembled a list of establishments that are what we’ll call FYD Certified… take a look!