Katherine + Hugh McNally bring you "Fix Your Drink"

Katherine + Hugh McNally bring you "Fix Your Drink"

Fix Your Drink Classic Cocktail recipe cards are a simple solution for the suburban classic cocktail lover.

Are you tired of going to your local eating or drinking establishment and receive blank stares, puzzled looks and find yourself explaining, yet again, how to make your favorite cocktail? Or have you grown weary of the deluge of sweet, syrupy cocktail menus at restaurants, afraid to order something that might be enough to serve the whole table? Maybe you are not a Martini, Manhattan or Old Fashioned fan and the house wine selection has left you nonplussed?

Fix Your Drink is here and is the answer to your woes. Simply hand one FYD classic cocktail recipe card to your waitperson or bartender and end your worries. FYD cards are tested, perfectly measured recipes for 10 of the top classic cocktails from the past 100 years.

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Katherine and Hugh McNally, the founders and brains behind Fix Your Drink, have spent 2 years researching and gathering the perfect recipes for classic cocktails. Now they bring you their first collection, the “Top 10 Classic Cocktail” collection. Each Top 10 Classic Cocktail collection includes 20 FYD cards, 2 each of the top 10, and an informational card, all packaged stylishly in an elegant sliding-top aluminum case.  See our press release on the launch of FYD.

Use them at home…

Are you tired of having friends over and offering, “red, white or beer”? With FYD cards, you can be the envy of your social set. The next time friends come over you can serve them perfectly measured, distinguished and elegant classic cocktails. No more worry about proportions or tolerances, FYD cards ensure that you and your guests receive a consistently measured and perfectly proportioned cocktail each time.

…Then use them at your favorite restaurant

Test them at home yourself and discover which of the Top 10 Classic Cocktail recipes is your favorite. Then, bring your FYD cards with you when you visit your local establishment and ensure that you continue to receive a perfectly made classic cocktail. Tell your friends and co-workers about Fix Your Drink and raise the chances of being served a perfect classic cocktail the next time they have you over for drinks or dinner.

You can order either the Top 10 Classic Cocktail collection or, if you already know which one is Your Favorite, a set of 20 of any one classic cocktail. Both are packaged in a stylish and convenient, elegant sliding-top aluminum case, perfect for carrying in a sport coat pocket or small purse.

Give some as gifts

FYD cards make great gifts. Bring one as a hostess gift, give them as favors for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, wedding or shower favors, as a 40th birthday gift, or for friends who are moving.

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We know all this cocktail stuff can be intimidating.  We went through the same experience ourselves!  Here’s some great ways to break into the cocktail world and shake off the boring coil of adult beverage ennui:

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