The FYD Top 10 Collection

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Allen Cocktail

One of the first classics that we ventured into. Partly because it’s Katherine’s maiden name and partly... well, it just sounded delicious. Try it for yourself!

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Beautiful, delicate on the palate and to the nose, the violet scent is calming and tranquil. Now that Creme de Violette is available in the US again, accept nothing other than the original recipe.

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Bronx Cocktail

In our top 10 for many reasons. First, because Hugh was born and raised in the Bronx, second due to its infamy: it inspired the creation of Alchoholics Anonymous. Nonetheless, it's one tasty beverage.

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Such a very pretty cocktail, but don’t let its pinkness fool you. This is not a bubblegum candy drink. All the flavors combine to create a sophisticated grapefruit-juice taste! We just love this one.

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Katherine's not a fan of bourbon or whiskey; this is her version of a "brown" drink.  Don't feel left out when friends all order Manhattans! Warning: without FYD recipe cards, you may be served a bowl of gin.

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Moscow Mule

A real summertime favorite: crisp, refreshing, spicy. Our only vodka drink: the world has enough of them, and most are targeted to those who dislike the many tastes of alcohol yet still want to drink.

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We continue to be met with blank stares and a hint of "did you just insult me?" when ordering this quintessential classic. FYD Negroni cards will fill that awkward silence that ensues when you order one.

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Pegu Club

Named for the original club in Rangoon, this is a balanced, tasty drink. Its proportions are important to get the flavor right. FYD cards will keep this cocktail a classic wherever you go.

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Simple yet elegant. Katherine’s friend Julie used to love to shout out “Sidecar!” when they were out and about in Denver oh so many years ago. Good times, good times...

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Three Miller

Our answer for the cognac lover. It's sophisticated, balanced and beautiful. FYD cards are essential as it is also a very old drink, harkening back to the early 1900s.

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The Top 10 Classic Cocktail collection contains 20 recipe cards, 2 for each of these: Allen Cocktail, Aviation, Bronx Cocktail, Jasmine, Martinez, Moscow Mule, Negroni, Pegu Club, Sidecar, and The Three Miller. It’s great if you’re just starting your cocktail adventure.